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Jacksonville Family Photographer | 3 Goals for your Perfect Family Photos!

Let's talk about what type of images you can expect to receive from me from your upcoming Jacksonville Florida family photo session. I love this part, I love to give you a wonderful variety of images. Images that you know you want but also images that you didn't even know you wanted too! With all of this in mind- I have 3 goals for the types of images that I am looking to capture for you during our session together

1. Lots and lots of connection.

CONNECTION- that real life good stuff that you just can't fake. The stuff that dreams of made of. Holding your sweet baby when it ends up being a cold and windy day and the only place they want to be is in mama's arms. Fingers and wind through the hair. The imperfect perfect that we as mothers talk about so often. It is always my top goal to guide families into these genuine connections so that I can deliver images that are authentic, honest and raw. These are my favorite photos. Photos with emotion that show connection. Goal 1 !

Goal #2. Fine art photographs that make for incredible art for the walls in your home. These are the types of photographs with a serious art feel that I promise you want but probably didn't even know that you wanted. My drone shots and detail shots are perfect for this. These types of images are special and would look amazing hung up in a living room or bedroom; they're images of your family without you having to look at your face smiling back at you every time you brush your teeth or walk down the hall. These are family photographs with an edge and I always look to include a few of these in every gallery I send out.

#3. A few of those smile and say cheese photos. Perfect for the holiday card and perfect to send to grandma and grandpa. The traditional smile and say cheese photos have their own time and place and I always am sure to grab a couple.

So there you have it, my three goals for every session along with the types of images you can expect from your upcoming family photo session with Sara L Price Photography. Still looking for a photographer and not sure how to pick one out. Check out my top three tips for choosing the best family photographer for you. If you missed the post you can click here.


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