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How to Create the Perfect Family Outfit for Photography Sessions

Are you planning to have a professional family photography session? Not sure what to wear? With the right tips and advice, it's easy to create stylish and cohesive family outfits that will look amazing in photos! As an award-winning photographer, I'm here to share some of my favorite tips for selecting colors and avoiding matching too closely.

Choose a Color Palette That Works For Everyone

The key to creating beautiful extended family portraits is choosing colors that look good on everyone. When selecting color palettes, think of shades that will bring out everyone’s best features. Try to stick with muted tones or pastels rather than bright colors. These hues are naturally flattering and can help create a timeless look. However, if you want to make your photo shoot more fun and vibrant, consider adding an accent color like burgundy or deep blue. This can add depth and contrast without making the photo look overly busy.

Avoid Matching Too Closely

When picking out clothes for an extended family portrait session, avoid dressing everyone in the same exact outfit or style. Instead, choose clothing items with coordinating colors and patterns that reflect each individual’s personality. This can be achieved by playing with textures like linen or velvet as well as accessories such as hats or jewelry. You don’t have to go all-out with your styling; subtle accents are usually enough to make your photos stand out without looking too “matchy”.

Dress Comfortably

In addition to being stylish, it's important for everyone in the family to feel comfortable in their outfits during a photography session. After all, no one wants stiff poses or forced smiles! That’s why I recommend choosing clothes that fit well but aren't too tight or restrictive—especially for children! Consider fabrics like cotton or lightweight knits; they are breathable and won't cause any discomfort while also looking great in photos!

Creating the perfect extended family portrait isn’t as difficult as it seems! By following these simple tips—choosing a color palette that works for everyone, avoiding matching too closely, and dressing comfortably—you’ll be able to create stunning photos of your loved ones that you can cherish forever. Whether you're preparing for a professional photography session or just taking pictures at home with your phone camera, these tips will help ensure you capture beautiful memories of your family!


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