3 tips for choosing the best Jacksonville Maternity + Family Photographer !

Big Talbot Island Maternity Session

Alright. I totally get it. It's way too hard to choose a photographer these days. Like- WAY TOO HARD. You go into google type in 'family photographer near me', 'best family photographers near me', 'jacksonville photographers beach'.... etc etc etc and finally 'family photographer near me HELP, please just HELP'. No matter what you type there are going to be hundreds of options and I want to give you my favorite 3 tips for tips for choosing THE BEST JACKSONVILLE (or wherever you are located) FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER for you!


NOT all photographers are created equal!!!

The barrier to entry into the photography world is very low which basically means that anyone and their grandma can purchase a camera and even build a website these days. First bit of advice is LOOK FOR CREDENTIALS. Does this person have a portfolio that you are really vibing with?? And I'm not talking about one photo that you like, I'm talking about a portfolio of work that you are really digging. Look for experience and the credentials that ensure this person you are going to be hiring is actually a professional. I recently had a client reach out super bummed because - long story short - she hired someone, got the photos back, they were so terrible and she realized that the person probably wasn't even a pro photographer, maybe not even a true hobbyist. Oh well- lesson learned. LOOK FOR CREDENTIALS / ASK FOR A PORTFOLIO IF ONE ISN'T OBVIOUS!

Big Talbot Island Maternity Session


I know it sounds ridiculous, but look- there are hundreds of Jacksonville photographers out there who want you to choose them. Right? If you have found a few photographers that you are totally digging, reach out and ask yourself do I vibe with this person? Does this feel good? I don't know about you, but this is super important to me. If I feel uncomfortable around my photographer, am I going to be able to loosen up when it comes to photo day at the beach with my family? Find a photographer who not only has credentials, but one is going to work with you and put you at ease and listen to what it is that you really want ! It seems basic, but trust that gut.

Big Talbot Island Maternity Session

Big Talbot Island Maternity Session

Finally my 3rd tip for choosing the Best Jacksonville Family Photographer


Need I say anymore? When I am in a new part of town and wanting to get a tasty bite to eat. What do I do? Go to google and read reviews of course! 'The pad thai was delicious, will definitely be back'... Well okay- fantastic because I love pad thai !

Seriously read those reviews people ! There doesn't need to be hundreds but there should be a few testimonials from people who came before you! Which leads me to my final bit- have you had an amazing family photography experience with me here in Jacksonville? Leave me a review on google to let me people know what they can expect when they book a magical maternity or family session with me!












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