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What to wear to your Jacksonville, FL mini session (according to your family photographer)

Worried about what to wear or want some ideas on how to nail styling for your next family photo session? This post is for you. Keep reading because trust me what you wear IS important!

Family of four at Guana Reserve enjoying hiking trails
Jacksonville Family Photography Session | Mini session

Mother and child at guana reserve in Florida
Jacksonville Family Photography Session | Mini session

If you're wondering what you should wear to your next session. I always say three things.

First- pick out mama's outfit first. The mother is the anchor. Once mama's outfit is picked out you will have a better idea of what to dress the rest of the family in. For this family, mama is wearing a patterned maxi free people dress. Because she is wearing a patterned dress, we decided to put the rest of the family in solid, not pattern heavy pieces of clothing. The reasoning here is that you want to 'COMPLIMENT NOT COMPETE '. If mama was wearing a solid maxi dress then I would have suggested that one of the children was put in some type of pattern. This adds visual interest without being too busy.

Family on the water at Guana river preserve in north florida
Jacksonville Family Photography Session | Mini session

TWO- YES to neutrals NO to neons. I know that yes- your toddler looks so sweet in bright orange. I for one think my 2 year old is adorable in hot pink, but unfortunately it just does not photograph well. Think of neutral colors. Colors that allow you and your family to be the subject and colors that don't distract. Again this family is all wearing neutrals where nothing is screaming out for your attention. Imagine if the youngest boy in this family was wearing a lime green outfit instead. It would totally feel off right? NEUTRALS, NEUTRALS, NEUTRALS!

mother and child at Guana river preserve
St Augustine Family photography session

Thirdly and lastly and this one might be a little trickier, THINK ABOUT YOUR LOCATION and aim for the neutral colors that compliment that location. For example if you're going to getting your family photos in Florida there is a good chance you will be getting them taken at the beach or somewhere with lots and lots of green. Think about colors that compliment those locations. For those lush green jungle vibes you probably don't want to wear something teal or fire engine red and for the beach the same is true.

family of four smiling and enjoying hiking in Florida
Jacksonville family photography session

So that is my three bits of advice for nailing styling for your next family photography session. Also- when you book your session with me I offer all of my client's an amazing full styling service!! (Keep an eye out shortly for an entire post that goes over exactly what my styling services include) or get in touch.


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