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Jacksonville Florida Motherhood Photography Session

A couple of weeks ago I got to photograph Sami, a sweet + totally full of life, up for anything mother to Liana. Liana, a glowing, curious, super friendly little sweet pea two year old that I could've just wrapped up and taken home with me (if I didn't already have a two year old at home myself :D !!) Sure, I'm a family photographer living here in Jacksonville, Florida now (hopefully YOUR family photographer) but why is it that I leave these sessions feeling like I've gained new friendships that will stand the test of time?


I think shooting on the beaches here in Florida help lend themselves to just that... A down to earthed-ness, where when people get to the beach they can't help but to kick their shoes off, be totally real for a sec, get a little sandy and wet, and connect. Sami grew up near the water and I like to think I could sense that in her. I remember when we were prepping for the shoot, Sami asked, 'can I be barefoot or do you want me to wear boots or shoes instead?' Of course I replied BAREFOOT!!! and then thought- she is my people!!! Yes mama, come ready to disarm, kick those shoes off and just soak up this totally sacred time with your little one!

And we did just that and I'm thankful for Sami and Liana, for our time together in Ponte Vedra, where we got to wander around and explore. Watching the two of them together reminded me why I'm a family photographer in the first place. It's because I know how unbelievably precious and fast moving these moments are. How messy and raw they are and how this sweet little one will be a full grown teenager and then woman before we know it.

So we wrapped up our time together as the sun was setting, bare bellied with swim suits on, sand in the hair and I thought. Yes! Here we are- turning a normal old Tuesday into a day that we can all always remember. Sami will always look to these photos from her laid back motherhood beach session and always remember just how little, sweet, absolutely perfect and to die for her sweet little cherub of a two year was and is. And then she will always look back and see how incredibly strong and powerful and capable of a mother she was and is.



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