Fall Family Photos - Boulder, Colorado to Jacksonville, Florida

I can hardly believe it!

Our family will be trading the mountains for the ocean. We will be making the 30 hour drive from Boulder, Colorado to Jacksonville, Florida. The gorgeous mountain backdrops that I've used to photograph families will be replaced with the dense foliage and the ocean. My last handful of fall family photo sessions that I have done here in Colorado I have done with the idea in mind that pretty soon the mountains will not be there. I've been retraining my eye. Trying to see the water for what it is: this amazing backdrop that reflects so much light and brings life to photos. This was an almost dried up creek and even that tiny bit of water gives the photo so much more depth.

I wanted to try to explore water and more flat areas. Pulling away from the mountains and looking at spaces differently has me SO EXCITED to move to Florida. To serve the Jacksonville, the Beaches and Saint Augustine areas. To let the sand dunes and ocean and jungle like backdrops replace the mountains.


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