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Are you looking to spice of your family photo album in a big way? Do you want to have a family photography session that is as unique, adventurous and one of a kind as you and your growing family are? I did too, I so badly did too! I wanted unique family photographs that I could proudly display on my wall without being creeped out every time I walk down the hall or anytime someone came over to visit. That's right- I didn't want smile say cheese photos of me hanging everywhere. It was the last thing I wanted. While I ditched the emphasis on 'smile say cheese' a long time ago, I wanted to take it a step further. How could I set myself apart, how could I set my clients' photos apart. I brainstormed, I mulled it over, and BAM- I started offering a new service to my clients right away!

Unique Jacksonville Beach Family Photo Ideas | Sara L Price Photography

This was needed. A fresh perspective, a different angle, a new way of seeing things. A different kind of family photography experience here in Florida. I wanted to capture this idea of how big and beautiful, yet small this world is. I mean, how adorable! Look at these photos of Esme with her mama and dad ! She's brand new to the walking world. She is itty bitty, yet she is her parents entire world. I could have blown this up and put it on my own wall, it's still taking me everything not to!

Which brings me to my next point- I wanted to give my clients the gift of fine art with their own family in the frame. When I starting incorporating aerial, drone photography into my family sessions, it opened my eyes to all of the possibilities. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. I can now see clearly that the beach is full of diversity and full of unique angles and potential for one of a kind photos. The shore line became a piece of artwork in and of itself.

Unique Jacksonville Beach Family Photo Ideas | Sara L Price Photography

I looked around and now the sand dunes began to look like mountains. I realized WOW- this beach is big and beautiful and diverse and it is THE PERFECT backdrop for a magical photo session ! Are you interested in a unique, one of a kind family photo session at the beach or somewhere else in town? Reach out, say hello and let's start planning a magical session for you !

Unique beach family photos Jacksonville Fl

Unique beach family photos Jacksonville Fl | Sara L Price Photography

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