Who is my child - right now ? Photographing families in Boulder Colorado just the way they are.

I spend entire days with Nora. I'm there every morning, the mornings where she is ecstatic, her face plastered with a smile that seems never-ending. Effortless days- tearless days, the happiest of days. Who is she? I can wake up the following day and the entire morning I hear her wail as she claws at my shins, begging to be picked up, only to squirm and whine the second she is in my arms. Who is my child? The one who makes a liar out of me- continuously- I claim she isn't the best sleeper only to find her sleeping through the night- she's the most laid back babe only to witness her the entire day cranky, restless, irritated. Who is she? Where I say one thing and she does another? She is my daughter. She is Joe's daughter. And who is your child ?

Your son. Who are they? The one you brought into this world; the one who has eyes that you find all meaning in. The one who may or may not have had a meltdown today. Or two or three or four. The one who sleeps or doesn't sleep, who naps or doesn't nap, the one who laughs, but can sometimes endlessly squirm and cry. Who is your child- are they the one who sometimes cause you to run a few minutes behind for family photos? Are they agreeable - contrary - more importantly are they all of the above?

Who is your child right now? What is your baby's story? Who is your family?

I want to honor the complexities of you and your family, the complexities of your growing child. Because- Who are they? Right now? They are at once everything you know- and at once your never-ending, greatest mystery.

And who are you? Are you mama, are you papa, a partner, a lover, restless, exhausted, ready? Are you also a day dreamer, who is growing, changing? Are you complex? Are you at once everything you know- and at once a story unfolding- a great mystery?

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