Renovating our ford e450 mini bus- our plans of traveling south of the border with our baby

This is it. Joe, Nora and I are first time home buyers. ❤️

When this ford e-450 shuttle bus popped up in an eBay auction, we decided to take a gamble and bid on it. Joe sat at the computer, clicking 'increase bid', 'increase bid', 'increase bid', until.. we *shockingly* won the auction by a dollar. We had a such a surge of excitement and simultaneous panic. Panic because the bus we just won was 1700 miles away in Baltimore and panic because we didn't have the money for it.

Mini bus conversion with baby

We spent the next few days sorting out our finances, we quickly sold Joe's truck, which would end up being close to a clean trade for us, and then we bought tickets to Baltimore, where we hoped there would be a bus waiting for us... and if there was a bus we hoped it would be working well enough to start and make the journey cross country back to Boulder.

And the short of it is we DID MAKE IT. We made the entire 1700 plus miles back in a vehicle that we bought sight unseen in Maryland. The stars aligned for us on this one and seeing Nora crawling about in it was such a sight for our eyes. We've been dreaming up the inside and what our life will be like on the road. Bus life, van life, none of it will be easy. Yet we are thrilled, this is our first home. This is a dream unfolding for us. Our family of three, opening a new chapter together.

We plan to spend the entirety of this upcoming year renovating our home and at the end of next summer we intend to hit the road, full time. We keep joking that it'll be a year of Sundays until it's done. Managing a project this large with a 10 month old has its own unique challenges, we are at the whim of her moods, her naps, her needs. We've managed to rip all of the seats out and start ripping up the floor and seeing even this much progress keeps our enthusiasm ignited. Small steps. Even this early on in the project, we're realizing that the project of doing a bus conversion is a culimination of small projects. Little things at a time. We realize we have to want this and we do. We want this; we are ready for this.

I think about the life I want for my daughter. I think of our family of three spending our days and nights together. I think about our routine here in Boulder, how rarely I stop to sit and stare up at the sky. How wonderful it is, but how disconnected I am at times. I think about how cheesy it sounds, yet I realize that one of the driving forces towards this trip is my desire to feel more connected to the stars, the water, the ground, my truth, our life. I want this for my daughter. I want her to feel the ground beneath her.

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