Nothing posed - nothing staged- Photographing new babies and new mothers in Boulder, CO

Here it is: The newborn bubble in all of it's glory. Here you are. Navigating your new role as a mother. Nights can be endless, your existence so raw and open to this new beating heart that you now get to hold in your arms.

It is everything.

This moment is everything.

Un-choreographed and uncertain.

Isn't it these moments that matter the most after all? Isn't it these moments that we will look back on, remember and identify with the most. Nothing posed or staged. Just an in between moment, a moment of total presence and connection. You and the love of your life, while the rest of the world continues to buzz by.

It can all feel so timeless, almost as though you and your little one will be physically entwined together forever. Yet it's just a matter of weeks before they squirm away from you, full of curiosity about the world around them. It is only through pictures that I have been able to remember how tiny Nora truly was, how dependent on me she truly was. She exited my body, yet was still attached, still a part of me; even at 7 months, she seems so wildly independent in comparison to those early weeks. Photographing new babies and being welcomed into that sacred space is a privilege. Its so uncertain, an assemblage of emotions, enervation, tears, feeding, gentleness, quiet, stillness. It is a space that can reset you, a space that can challenge your notions of what you hold important as the world has stopped spinning there, if only temporarily.