Generating content for social media- building a coherent feed for businesses

So often as business owners, the creative energy, the endless pursuits, the heart of what you are doing falls flat against the backdrop of the internet. You make something beautiful, you put endless time and energy into creating, and yet the cell phone capture or perhaps even the random professional photographs you do have become jumbled up in a feed that does not fully communicate your ability or vision.

Social media is such an invaluable tool. Whether you find yourself enjoying the connectivity of social media or find yourself continuously resisting it, it's un-argueable valuable.

I want people to come across your instagram, your facebook, your website and see your work clearly, see a clear vision, I want your feed to have coherency. This is what a business session with me can provide.

Each session comes with a full gallery of images that will offer VARIETY but COHERENCY. Reach out, let's discuss your goals. Check out the business section of my website to see some recent projects I have worked on.

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