Finding your voice | choosing honesty over relatability

I recently stumbled upon something that talked about how, as artists, we should never trade honesty for relatability. I mull that over when I'm going through photos from a session and I mull that over when I go to post a photo to social media. I want people to see my work and be able to relate, but more than that I want to love what I'm doing. I want it to speak to a greater truth: my truth. It is never about getting everyone to smile and face the camera, it never was, I imagine in never will be. It was about this. Capturing this moment where mother as goddess leads her family through a field; in motion, in movement. I found that- in that very moment- she was perfect- beautiful- glowing, leading her family towards all the things to come.

I find myself gravitating towards these photos. The ones packed full of humanity. Sometimes heads cropped out, sometimes zoomed in on hands, sometimes the back of a head where we get to see a gentle breeze through strands of hair. I like the feeling of being disarmed and I like images that are full of truth. Choosing art as a profession while simultaneously providing a service is incredibly complex. You want to hone in on a style, allowing people to know what to expect, yet you don't want to be confined to this 'style' that you've honed in on. The feeling the image emits becomes more important than a tangible style. Again, I mull this over as I send photos over. I have, if only recently, made it a priority to only send/ keep images that I feel emotionally connected to. After all, this is my art. This is my voice that I am striving to corner in on, cultivate, refine, and share.

I want each session to lead me further, further and closer to my truth- my voice and similarly I want those that I photograph to be lead further and closer to their very own truth. I want to send images that will surprise them, I want them to see themselves how they are- beautifully existing regardless of the chaos or calm that surrounds them. I want all the sessions and my own personal projects to be an extension of my belief that honesty trumps all. I want people to see that in themselves through their very own photographs. This time- wherever and whatever it is in this moment- matters- it is everything.