Building community setting goals, a spring photography session here in Colorado

New Family at Coot Lake

Admittedly, I never understood the concept of, 'it takes a village'. I've always led a fairly private life and while I have avoided using terms like 'introverted', I can also admit that my partner and I have led mostly introverted lives and in our defense this has worked out well for us.

For a time.

Unsurprisingly, however, time changes us. The emotional landscapes in which we navigate change as we take part in the process of welcoming new life, both physically and metaphorically. Photographing this unbelievably warm family, fittingly on the spring equinox, was a way to reconnect and reaffirm that path toward community and continued growth. We walked, talked, and snapped some photos of their new unfolding chapter, and mostly we welcomed the shared experience of building new families.

Happy couple in Colorado with new baby

In many ways my own journey towards a more community driven existence runs parallel with my journey toward and into motherhood. As I anticipated the arrival of Nora, I thought of all the women before and those who will come after me who have rubbed their bellies, wondering what their little one will be, look, and sound like. It really is a basic thought, but it can be all consuming. You simply have no idea who this person will come to be, you have no idea how it will change you, and once they are born, you continue to wonder. I've enjoyed all aspects of motherhood, these thoughts included. I've enjoyed both the good and bad, I wish there was a better euphemism for masochism, because at times I find being a new parent to be incredibly masochistic. But for all the painful moments, of hearing your child wail from being over tired to teething, or just the sheer exhaustion of it all, it's still the most empowering, freeing, yet binding, reaffirming journey I've embarked on.

mother breastfeeding new baby

Some days fly by and some days feel endless. This has always been the case. I find it amazing that after the long days that my partner and I manage to get some laughs in, feed ourselves, continue to make goals, and ultimately show a lot of kindness to one another and when I see others doing the same I think..... Wow. So amazing. Here we are, another day, all in this together in some way. Cultivating a village. I know we will share the experience of looking back at this time and it'll feel like a blink, so let me *snap a photo*.

Family picnic Coot Lake