Boulder Family Photographer | Welcoming summer with a family of 4

If you live in a place that has 4 seasons, I think it's normal to have a favorite. For me it's summer.


Without even the tiniest bit of doubt, it is summer.

I love everything about summer. The flowers in bloom, the endless green, the way the mountains pop and glow against the blue sky, the energy, the warm evenings sitting on porches, talking into the night, with Christmas lights strewn. The summer months come and go so quickly and I find myself searching for all the ways to savor it. Longer walks, longer talks, summer gives me life, I make more detailed versions of future goals and plans.

I recently photographed a family of 4 in Boulder, Colorado at the most scenic South Mesa Trail. It's so lovely being able to work outside in the summer sun, walking, chatting, sitting in the tall grass, watching kiddos play in the creek, couples holding hands, simply enjoying and sharing in these moments with others. I realize that next summer, these small little beings, their entire world, will be a whole year older. A whole year when you are 5 is everything. It's a million steps towards independence, more developed opinions, thoughts, ideas; it's another step toward eventual adulthood. For now they happily hold their mother's hands as they stroll through paths, talking about their day and telling stories. I quietly from behind my camera hope this mother will cherish this capture forever because she and her children are so perfect, in this moment with the warm summer as their backdrop, they are effortlessly perfect.

The seasons mark what is inevitable: Cycles of change. Summer makes way for fall, makes way for winter, makes way toward spring and when spring makes way to summer again, all of these sweet souls will be a full year older. Mother and father wish the time to slow down, to hold their babies longer, while their cherished children (carrying pieces of their heart) run toward the future with fervor. They are unstoppable, absorbing it all, their change like the seasons inevitable. The entire world is in front of them, their story unfolding and unwritten.

While the littles continue to run towards the future, may they always know what home is, may they always remember the hands available to guide them through their story, may they always remember the warmth of their family all together on a summer evening.

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