My name is Sara

I've always erred on the creative side.  I'm a daydreamer , sometimes an over thinker , a storyteller,  and above all a mother to my sweet babe Nora.  I'm happiest when our family of 3 is all together.  We are currently renovating a ford e-450 shuttle bus that we plan on traveling and living in full time starting next year.  I am formally trained in both fine art and art history/theory and even though I've been apart of the art world for a very long time it has taken me the better part of 30 years (and a lot of trial and error) to really nestle in and find my creative niche.  A lot of my journey towards professional photography runs parallel with my journey toward motherhood. I think of my profession as a photographer as more than a business, I think of it as a tool to build community and work collaboratively.  I am always available for questions, comments, ideas for projects, absolutely anything.  Let's create together.

 To read an interview I did recently with VOYAGE DENVER magazine.